All students of Apex School of Theology are eligible for membership in the Student Government Association. This association is given a large measure of self-government in planning for, implementing, and handling matters of general student concern. The affairs of the association are directed by the student senate, composed of elected representatives from both the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Student Government Association strives to further the aims of Apex School of Theology through cooperation among School organizations, student body, faculty, and administration.


It is the desire of the Board of Trustees and the President of Apex School of Theology that the School be characterized by the pervading presence of the Holy Spirit. They recognize that a theological school, however faithful at its birth to the truth of God's Word, can, over a course of years, decline from emphasis upon the prominence of the Word of God and the humble dependence upon the Holy Spirit. For this reason, the very strongest emphasis is placed upon cultivating and maintaining the spiritual life of the School, faculty, staff, and students. Chapel services are conducted weekly. Please contact the main office for current Chapel schedule. All students with classes on chapel days are required to attend service. These services are designed to contribute to the on-going spiritual growth and development of the entire Apex School of Theology family. The Director of Student Affairs will coordinate these services. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to attend.


The School's library and research/study rooms are centrally located in the educational building.
The library volumes continue to grow and contains an excellent collection of resources for reference, research, and circulation. The School has established research and study rooms which are accessible to students. These rooms are also equipped with computers for use by students. Additionally, a computer lab is operational and provides students with the latest technology to accomplish assignments on campus, if necessary.


Any student of Apex School of Theology has the right to voice their issues or concerns with treatment received while an active student of the institution. These concerns/complaints can range from student to staff interaction, student to student interaction, student to professor interaction, grade received for an assignment or even grade received for a course. A student wishing to file a formal complaint must do so in writing via either the ASOT Student Complaint form or a written and signed statement. The complaint filing process is as follows: (ASOT reserves the right to address all student complaints through internal channels listed below barring criminal activity that must be reported to the legal authorities)

  • Initial Complaint is turned in to the Director of Student Affairs (can be placed in their
    staff mail box, through email or given in person)
  • The Director of Student Affairs will review the complaint and forward it to the committee
    chair for consideration and action, within five (5) business days.
  • The committee will be convened to decide upon the appropriate action for the matter,
    within ten (10) days from the chair receiving the complaint from the Director of Student
    Affairs.The committee will provide a written decision to be shared with the student offering
    the complaint within three (3) days of their decision.
  • If a student is not pleased with the decision of the committee they have the option of
    appealing to their respective dean within thirty (30) days of the committee's decision.
  • If a student still is not pleased with the decision of their particular dean they may appeal
    that decision to the President within fourteen (14) days.
  • If a student still is not pleased with the decision of the President they have the right to
    make one final appeal to the Trustees within five (5) days. All decisions made by the
    trustee board will be considered final with no room for further appeals.

Please click here to download Student Complaints form.

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